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There are many. Here are a few to get you started.

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Try Guided Meditations

There are other free ones on YouTube.
There are free and paid apps.
There are in person and virtual groups.

Search the web

So many websites have free meditations.
Search away!

Read a book

Check your library and/or bookstore and you will likely find a book about mindfulness that resonates with you.

Mindful Breathing: An Introduction to mindful and relaxing breathing. By Dr. S. Banerjee.

This book introduces children and adults to the practice of mindful breath awareness with step-by-step illustrations. It also introduces belly breathing, which is a useful relaxation tool. These important skills can help children and caregivers build awareness and resilience to lead more mindful lives.

Although the book is written for children, the concepts can be used for all ages!

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