Guided Practices

A great way to learn and can be helpful even if you have been practicing for awhile.

The following exercises should be done with your full attention, not while completing any other tasks.


Breath awareness

Less than 1 minute
A very short practice that you can use any time of day.
Feel free to modify to just 1 breath!


Breath awareness

1 minute
A short breath practice when you have limited time.


Breath Awareness

10 minutes


Breath Awareness

30 minutes for when you have more time


Body Scan

10 minute body scan


Body Scan

20 minute body scan


Body Scan

40 minute body scan for when you have more time


Walking Meditation

10 minutes
If some movement is needed, try walking mindfully.


Word Guided Meditation

10 minutes
Sometimes using words helps.
Feel free to use whichever words resonate with you.


Labelling Thoughts

10 minutes
Labelling thoughts may help come back to the present moment.


Labelling Feelings

10 minutes
To help label feelings and emotions


Mindful Eating

5 minutes
Eating mindfully takes practice.
This exercise uses raisins, but you can use another healthy snack and see what happens.


Guided Imagery

10 minutes
A stress management practice to take a vacation in your mind!


Combined Practice

40 minutes
A combined practice using the several anchors including breath, body, sound, thoughts and emotions.


3 Step Mindful Breathing

2 minutes
A short practice to be present.



Sometimes meditation can bring on strong emotions. You can always stop, take a break, and talk to someone you trust. If you need more help, consider talking to a clinician (eg. doctor, therapist, counsellor) or call a helpline in your area. A possible source for helplines is:
In an emergency, go to the nearest emergency department.